Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Governance in Sport Management (3 cr)
K500 | 6108 | Kellett

Class meets for one 75 minute period two times per week.

This subject provides students an introduction to the organization and
governance of sport services and businesses.  It begins by examining sport
delivery systems in the United States, including Olympic sport, sport
through education systems, professional sport leagues, sport clubs, sport
development, and coordination of sport in the US.  It then expands its focus
to examine international sport governance.

The management and delivery of sport throughout the US occurs in an array of
private and public organizations.  In order to work effectively within the
sport industry, managers must understand the roles and functions of the many
sport organizations and the ways in which their services link.

Sport services and governance are increasingly international in scope.  It
is no longer sufficient merely to understand the domestic side of sport
management.  The effective sport manager must understand the ways in which
sport ins governed and administered internationally.  This subject provides
the basis for that understanding by examining international sport
organizations and systems.  In so doing, it situates sport in the United
States within its international context.  This subject requires students to
analyze contemporary issues in the governance of US sport both domestically
and internationally.