Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Issues in Professional Sport (3 cr)
K512 | 6113 | Sailes

The objectives of this course are two fold.  First, the student will be
introduced to the discipline of
Sport Sociology.  The student will be exposed to the historical and
contemporary significance of
this line of scientific inquiry and its applicable relevance to modern
commercial/professional sport.
Second, this course will attempt to make a critical examination of
professional sport by analyzing
cultural diversity in society and American professional sport.
Specifically, this course will
examine the contributions and participation of African American athletes to
American professional
sport. It is the intent of this course to develop the student into a
critical thinker and to challenge
contemporary ideology as it relates to American sport.

Coakley: Sport in Society: Issues and Controversies
Sailes: African Americans in Sport Contemporary Themes

Attendance is required.  Any student missing more than four classes will
have their grade lowered.

There will be three examinations of the essay and short answer type.  Each
exam will count as
25% of the final grade.

Each student will be required to pair with another student to complete a
paper/research project.
This project will count 25% of the final grade and will be presented to the