Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Psychological Foundations of Exercise and Sport (3 cr)
K525 | 6116 | Raglin

Graduate standing or permission of instructor

Class will meet for 2 hours and 30 minutes one time per week.

This course will present a broad survey of topics from the field of sport
psychology.  Basic and
applied issues will be addressed with an emphasis on findings derived from
empirical research.
The course will cover topics concerning various psychological aspects of
sport performance.
When applicable, psychological research will be integrated with findings
from other areas of
exercise science such as exercise physiology.  Issues in the area of
exercise and mental health will
also be addressed, including research on recreational exercisers.

20% Multiple choice/short quizzes.  (10% each for a total of 20% of the
class grade).  There will
be two quizzes, each consisting of one to two essay questions on topics
recently discussed in
class.  Quiz schedule

20% Article reviews and critiques (a total of 4, each worth 5% of the final
grade).  Thirty-five
percent of the final grade will be based on class participation and article
reviews.  You will be
expected to keep up with the reading assignments and actively participate in
discussions.  Class
attendance is crucial and students with poor attendance may be asked to drop
the class.

The discussion and critique of selected research articles will be lead by
teams of two students.
The team will be expected to present an overview of the introduction,
related research, and
purpose of the investigation.  The team will also be responsible for
presenting a summary of the
methods, major findings, and discussion.  Teams will be encouraged to
critically evaluate any
aspect of the investigation.  This may result in proposing alternative
explanations for the results of
the study.  Students will complete and turn in a review from these articles.
These reviews will be
graded and returned.

The overhead will be available for presentations.  It may be helpful to copy
figures or tables from
a study or to create your own.  You may also wish to hand out outlines or
overviews of the article
in review.  I can arrange to have material copied for you given enough lead

20% Short Assignments - Twenty percent of the class grade will be comprised
of several short
assignments, the specific content of which will be determined later in the
semester.  These
assignments may include library research, short presentations, or reviews of
sport psychology

40% Final review paper or project - Thirty-five percent of your total class
grade will be based on
a final writing assignment.  Each student may choose to write a 5-7 page
paper (not including
references) involving either a review on a specific topic related to
exercise and mental health, or
an article based on an original research project.  Each student will also
make a 15-20 minute
presentation which will consist of an overview of the paper.  Later on
during the semester a more
detailed description concerning the format and content of the final paper
will be circulated.