Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Experimental Laboratory Techniques - Exercise Physiology (3 cr)
K705 | 6145 | Stager

A.  The laboratory will concentrate upon non-invasive measures of cardio-
pulmonary performance during exercise.  Standard research protocols will be
explored with the perspective being focused upon the analytic principles

The instruments available in the laboratory setting will be evaluated in
terms of
reliability, accuracy, sensitivity and precision.  This class is a
complement to the
K635 course offered in the fall.

B.  Students will be paired or at times work in groups of 5 or 6.  Many lab
exercises will require time in addition to the scheduled time to complete.

C.  Two exams, mid-term and final.  Exams will contain theoretical and
aspects.  Exams will be open book and require math skills as well as

D.  Laboratory exercises will require weekly written reports in the form of
laboratory notebook.  Data collected from which individual as well as that
volunteers will be analyzed and discussed.  Students will be expected to
come to
lab prepared for te day's experiment.  All students should be ready to
complete the
exercise portion of the lab during the class period.

E.  Major project.  Each student will be required to prepare a laboratory
which details each of the protocols and analyzers used during the semester.
Information concerning the price, source, availability and various options
for the
analyzers is to be included.  Original literature which serves to detail the
and or origin of the technology is also to be included.  Mathematical
algorithms and
statistics on quality are also required.  The laboratory notebook will be
used as the
sole source during mid-term and final exams.