Prerequisites: HPER N120, CHEM C106
Instructor: Alyce Fly, Ph.D, Rm 005 HPER, 855-7975; e-mail: AFLY
Required Text: McWilliams, M. (1997). Foods: Experimental Perspectives; Prentice Hall.

Course Objectives:
To understand the chemical and physical structure of foods and the effects of preparation and processing on its properties.

To be able to identify errors in preparation or formulation and to plan appropriate corrective measures for subsequent preparation of food items.

To fulfill (in part) American Dietetic Association competencies in food chemistry, food composition, and food preparation.

Final Grades: Final grades will be based on achievement of the following percentages.
93-100 = A
93- 90 = A-
90-87 = B+
87-82 = B
82-80 = B-
80-77 = C+
77-72 = C
72-70 = C-
70-60 = D
<60 = F
Points are derived from lecture exams and quizzes. The point breakdown is as follows:
Lecture = 3 exams (100 points each) = 300 points 91%
Quizzes = 3 quizzes = 30 points 9%
30 points each, drop 2 lowest quizzes
Notes: Exams and quizzes will only be given at the designated time; a note from your doctor will be required in the case of missing an exam due to illness. No make-up quizzes will be given since you may drop the two lowest quiz grades.
The final exam is not cumulative.