Prerequisites: HPER N231; ANAT A215; PHSL P215
Instructor: Alice Lindeman, Ph.D., Rm 136 HPER, 855-6437
e-mail: LINDEMA
Required Texts: Zeman, F. (1991) Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, 2nd Ed., MacMillan Publishing, NY.
Additional articles may be on reserve in HPER library for you to copy.

Course Description: Classes will primarily be lecture and discussion. For the most part these lectures will follow the format of etiology, symptoms, and treatment (medical, pharmacological, and dietary).

To develop an understanding of the basic physiological alterations which form the basis for using dietary modifications for the prevention and for treatment of diseases.
To develop an understanding of the disease treatment and its relationship to diet therapy.
To identify the major characteristics and rationale of commonly used therapeutic diets.
To learn principles of diet modification to meet therapeutic needs.

Course Requirements:
Students are expected to attend class on time and be willing to participate. It is highly advised to review your class notes and readings prior to each class.
Exams: There are six (6) exams, each worth 50 points. The final exam is worth 100 points. The exams are not cumulative. Questions may range from matching and multiple choice to essay.
There are NO makeup exams.
Abstracts: The student will summarize and review 4 articles from refereed medical journals.
Term Paper: 10 pages, typed, doubled-spaced. A minimum of five (5) references must be used, 3 of which are current refereed journals.

Final Grade:
Exams (total) are worth 80% of the final grade. Abstract grades are worth 20% of the final grade. The research paper will replace the sum of the two lowest exam scores or your final exam grade, unless the research paper grade is lower.