Prerequisites: HPER N530
Section requires a special fee.
Instructor: Nathan Shier, Ph.D., Rm 203 AHS Annex, 855-8461
e-mail: Shier
Required Text: Groff, James L., Gropper, Sareen S., Hunt, Sara M. (1995). Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism. West Publishing Co. Minneapolis/ St. Paul. 2nd Ed. ISBN: 0-314-04467-1.
Periodical articles, through the 1997 literature, and additional handouts will be passed out during the semester at appropriate times.

Course Description: A continuation of N430/N530. Stress is placed on the non-energy nutrients: water, vitamins, minerals, and as a summative focus, nutritional status.

At the conclusion of the course the student should be able to:
Define and/or interpret the structure, physical characteristics, digestion, transport, function, metabolism and excretion of the nutrients.
Recognize the interrelationships of the organic and inorganic nutrients in supplying energy and essential dietary substances to the body.
Interpret the hormonal and enzymatic control of metabolism and effects on nutrients.
Recognize nutrient requirements and recommended allowances and that the need for nutrients is determined by hereditary and environmental factors.
List estimated nutrient requirements for people living under different environmental conditions and in various stages of the life cycle and how these nutrient requirements are determined.
Identify principles and methods used in determining nutritional status and factors that alter normal status.
Identify drugs that may interfere with nutrient utilization.
Identify sources, variability, and availability of nutrients.
Outline how diet relates to human biochemical and biophysical development and function throughout the life cycle.
Identify and interpret current research findings and research techniques in the nutritional sciences.

Final Grade:
3 exams (60points each) 180 points
5 unannounced quizzes, worth a total of 80 points
Research paper 40 points
This entire description is subject to change.