Prerequisites: Concurrent with HPER N431/ 531
Instructor: Alice Lindeman, Ph.D., Rm 136 HPER, 855-6437
e-mail: LINDEMA
Required Text: Zeman, F. (1991). Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, 2nd Ed.
ADA, The Exchange List for Meal Planning, 1995.
Zeman & Nye (1996). Application in Medical Nutrition Therapy, 2nd Ed.

Course Description: This is a course of 100% application! Activities will include diet writing, case study, film review, meal preparation and a summary activity.

To enhance understanding of N431/531 for Diet Therapy through case studies and other applications.

To recognize foods for inclusion or exclusion in various diets based on disease states.

To incorporate dietary modifications into various lifestyles through case-study management.

Course Requirements:
Students are expected to attend class on time and be willing to participate.

There are NO EXAMS! Instead there are quizzes based on case studies. For each disease a case study will be reviewed in class. Another case study will be sent home for review. The following week that case study serve as testable material for the quiz.

Homework assignments (responses to questions from case studies) will be due at the beginning of the next class.
Groups will be assigned to prepare and analyze food for various dietary modifications.

Summary project in which you will be assigned a modified diet. In groups you will develop menus, conduct a nutrient analysis of menus, cost menus and present information to the class.

Final Grade:
All quizzes, homework assignments: 65%
Class participation/ cooperation: 10%
Summary project: 25%