Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Introduction to Exercise Science (3 cr)
P212 | 6034 | Henson


CLASS MEETING:   Two one hour and 15 minute lectures per week

TEXTBOOK: Human Movement, Shea and Wright

EXAMS: 3 exams (2 during semester + final), 5 quizzes
Final exam is comprehensive
No make-up exams or quizzes

COURSE GRADING:  The course grade will be based on total points scored on
exams, quizzes, and papers as described below:

Point Range      Letter
Exam I    100 points             495 to 550          A+/A/A-
Exam II   100 points             440 to 494          B+/B/B-
Final       200 points              385 to 399          C+/C/C-
Quizzes    50 points              330 to 349          D+/D/D-
Abstracts 100 points
Total       550 points                              Below 329

(Plus and minus grades:  upper 15 and lower 15 points of each grade range.)

P212 is an introduction to the science of exercise and human movement.  The
purpose of the course is to present an overview of exercise science,
with the basics of human physiology and how the body works during exercise.
Training methods are discussed, followed by presentations covering means of
performance enhancement, including nutrition, ergogenic aids, psychology,
biomechanics, weight control, and injury prevention.  The course concludes
with an assortment of special topics in exercise science including physical
activity for health and life-long fitness, the role of sports in society,
environmental factors in exercise, adapted physical education, and the
characteristics of youth sports and female athletes.  Most of the special
topic lectures will be presented by faculty members from the school of HPER.

This gives students the opportunity to learn from experts in each field,
providing a deeper understanding of possible further exercise science
available in the school of HPER.  Career opportunities in exercise science
also discussed.