Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Movement Experience for Preschool and Elem School Children (2 cr)
P290 | 6050 | Staff

One 50 minute class two times per week 1/2 lecture, 1/2 lab format

Graham, G., Holt/Hale, S., & Parker, M. (1998).  Children moving: A
reflective approach to
teaching physical education (4th ed.).  Mountain View, CA: Mayfield.

Students will be assessed based on the following components: Knowledge 40%,
Projects 30%,
Teaching 20%, Daily participation 10%.

This course is designed to enhance your understanding of teaching physical
education at the
preschool and elementary level using the skills theme approach.  It will
enable students to
implement skill themes and movement concepts in developmentally and
instructionally appropriate
ways for young children.  Emphasis is placed on what to teach, and how to
teach it in a
based movement program.  Active participation in the classroom, gymnasium
and a variety of
group activities are key ingredients of this course.