Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Teaching Individual and Dual Activities (2 cr.)
P323 | 6053 | Chapin


Class meets four times per week for 50 minutes for entire semester

The purpose of this course is to prepare prospective physical education
teachers to teach
individual and dual activities to students in grades K-12.  P323 involves
teaching techniques,
progressions, error analysis, and correction.  The course also includes
personal skill development,
unit and lesson planning, teaching experiences, and methods.

Each student will be able to:

1.  demonstrate and apply the basic skills of selected individual and dual
sports in task and game

2.  design and describe skill progressions for essential skills in the

3.  design and implement a lesson plan, and teach a minimum of one period
from the lesson plan;

4.  Interpret rules, strategies, skills, and techniques in written form;

5.  construct a teaching resource notebook from what is said, done, and
handed out in class; and

6.  observe, analyze, and direct appropriate feedback to other students.

Schmottlach, N. & McManama, J. (1997).  Physical education handbook (9th
ed.).  Boston: Allyn
and Bacon.

Grades will be based on a point system.  Students will earn points for each
competency or task
they complete.  Points will be added for the final grade.  Following is a
list of competencies or
activities and the maximum number of points a student can earn for each of

Competency/Activity                                              Points

Technique standards                                               	16
4 skills per sport
Teaching standards
5 points for each of the following                          15
teach your partner
lead the class
demo to the class
Teach a lesson (from your own lesson plan)        	30
40 minute period
Notebook                                                              	20
Written Exams                                                         20
5 points for each test
5 points: 90 - 100%
4 points: 80 - 89%
3 points: 70 - 79%
2 points: 50 - 69%
Attendance                                                            15
lose three points per absence after the second absence
maximum number of absences allowed is 4

GRADE:                                   Points
A                                            114-126
B                                            102-113
C                                              90-101
D                                              79-89