Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Exercise Leadership and Instruction (3 cr)
P420 | 6088 | Kennedy

Meets three 50 minute periods three times per week.  Meets MWF from
11-15a.m. - 12:05 p.m.
in SRSC Auditorium

P409 and A215 or P205.  For HPER Minors or consent of instructor.

1.  To provide content knowledge and practical experience in preparation for
personal training.

2.  To provide guidelines and practical experience for designing safe,
effective, and individualized
physical fitness workouts.

1.  Understand the application of principles of exercise science, human
anatomy, and
biomechanics to movement design and prescription.

2.  Describe and demonstrate the use of health history, informed consent,
medical clearance
forms, and testing and evaluation prior to exercise participation.

3.  Understand principles and methods of training for cardiorespiratory
fitness, muscular strength
and endurance, and flexibility.

4.  Demonstrate the ability to individualize program design for healthy,
adults and special

5.  Demonstrate the proper usage of various commercial fitness machines and
equipment utilizing
appropriate exercise guidelines.

6.  Exhibit the communication skills needed in personal-fitness programming
for participants with
diverse fitness backgrounds and skills.

American Council on Exercise, Personal Trainer Manual (1997).

Participation is one of the major learning objectives of the class,
therefore, students are expected
to attend all class sessions.  Three points will be deducted per absence if
you miss more than two
class periods.

Two outside assignments - 20 points
Two written tests - 60 points
Biomechanics practical - 20 points
Cumulative Final - 60 points
Personal Training Practical - 40 points

A = 193-200              A- = 190-192
B+ = 187-189             B = 183-186              B- = 180-182
C+ = 177-179             C = 173-176              C- = 170-172
D+ = 167-169        D = 163-168