Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Lab Assistant/Field Experiences in Sports Science (1-3 cr)
P492 | 6102 | Staff

P216 - Current Concepts in Physical Fitness
-Enrollment limited to Kinesiology Students
-Course is an option for Exercise Science majors

CLASS FORMAT:  2-3 arranged class meetings a week... (7:00-8:00 A.M. M/W/F)
Assist in two E119 activity sessions each week
Assist in E119 and P216 testing early mornings wks 3-5
Attend one lecture a week and assist lecturer
Assist in data processing and other appropriate tasks

COURSE GRADING: Satisfactory (S), Fail (F)

This course is designed to provide students hands-on  experiences in fitness
instruction and
testing.  Each student will assist in the E119 Personal Fitness
instructional program.

1. Foster the development of skills for fitness instruction and testing.
2. Begin to learn leadership skills in promoting and encouraging healthy
among students.
3. Assist students in utilizing their personal fitness data to design an
program that is safe, reasonable, effective, and fun.
4. To begin to develop an awareness and appreciation for the scope of
research and fitness issues as they relate to exercise and healthy living.