Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation (3cr)
R277 | 6445 | R Zabriskie

Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
9:30a-10:45a   TR   HP017

Description:  To acquaint the student with the profession of therapeutic
recreation, including history, philosophy, programs, treatment, research and
populations served.

Goals:  Describe profession and history of therapeutic recreation.  Identify
organizations related to TR.  Develop a philosophical position of TR.
Describe social, psychological, and physical characteristics of populations
that can benefit from TR services.  Describe how these characteristics
relate to TR.

Required Book List:
Austin/Crawford.  Therapeutic Recreation:  An Introduction.

Summary of Assignments:  Possibility of the following:  personal awareness
paper; justification paper - TR as a treatment modality; trends paper -
future of TR; two quizzes; midterm & final.