Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Outdoor Adventure Education (2cr)
R279 | 6448 | C Niles

Outdoor Adventure Education
2:30p-5:00p   W   WH111

Class meets first eight weeks on campus plus one residential weekend at
Bradford Woods (Feb. 19-21).

Description:  This class is about adventure education and experiential
learning.  Each student will have the opportunity to participate not only in
class discussions but in group assignments and in a variety of structured

Course Objectives:
1.  To transfer classroom learning into practice
2.  To link together philosophy, program design, application and evaluation
3.  To develop skills in group participation
4.  To develop skills in group leadership
5.  To participate in, observe, and more fully understand group process
6.  To understand and differentiate between hard, soft, and meta skills
7.  To explore current issues in the field of Adventure Education

Required Book List:
Miles and Priest.  Adventure Education.

Summary of Assignments:  Participation, paper assignment, weekend, case
study, group presentation, final exam.

Additional Information:  Lodging and meal fee required.