Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Scientific Diver Certification (3cr)
R322 | 6453 | C Beeker

Scientific Diver Certification
6:00p-7:20p   W   HP013

Description:  Fundamentals necessary for safe and efficient diving during
scientific investigations and surveys, including diving physics and
physiology.  Emphases on archaeological, biological, and geological
investigations.  Program adjusted according to personal qualifications for
Scientific Diver Level I Certification.

Goals:  Prepare participants with fundamental knowledge, skills, and
research methodology necessary to conduct scientific investigations of
submerged cultural and biological resources.  Train participants in problem
management, diving first aid, water safety, and scuba equipment handling as
applied to scientific diving.  Obtain Scientific Diver Level I by
demonstrating scuba skills, passing required comprehensive written exam, and
pass approved medical examination, as required by the IU Academic Diving

Required Books List:
NOAA Diving Manual
Diving for Science and Technology

Summary of Assignments:  Scientific diving lectures, scientific methodology
sessions, pool sessions required to complete Sport Diving Certification and
one exam.

Additional Information:  Diving fee may be required.  Recreational diving
certification available.