Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Camp Leadership and Management (3cr)
R341 | 6458 | M Solis

Camp Leadership and Management
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This class has eight meetings on campus plus two weekends at Bradford Woods
(Feb. 4-6 and March 31-April 2).

Description:  Course overviews all aspects of the organized camp experience.
Course provides opportunity to explore the essence of camp management and
leadership issues.

Goals:  Gives students hands-on experience in working in an actual camp
program.  This course lets students explore the essence of camp management
and leadership.

Course Objectives:
1.)  To gain knowledge on camp organization, management, and systems
2.)  To explore leadership styles and their relationship with
camping/outdoor programming
3.)  To experientially gain first-hand knowledge of program development and
planning by creating, developing and presenting a unique week long camping
4.)  To develop an awareness of the many populations that utilize camp
programs and the impact camps have on these groups
5.)  To identify students' potential and special interests within the
camping field

Required Book List:
Ball and Ball.  (4th ed.).  Basic Camp Management.
There will be required reading from other sources that will be on reserve at
the library or will be given to students as handouts.

Summary of Assignments:  Class attendance, article reaction papers, site
visit/interview paper, two weekends, group project presentation.

Additional Information: Food and lodging fee extra.