Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Statistical Applications in Leisure Studies (3cr)
R390 | 6466 | N Morales

Statistical Applications in Leisure Studies
8:00a-8:50a   MWF   BH144

Description:  Statistics is the mathematical tool used to describe research
observations and to make inferences.  The purpose of this course is to
introduce the students to the principles and practices of research analysis.
The course will emphasize the concepts and assumptions behind a statistical
test and the test's mathematical description.  Statistical tests will be
performed using computer statistical software and calculators.

Course Objectives:
1.  Discover the importance and uses of statistics.
2.  Understand statistical theory and how it interfaces with real life
3.  Learn which statistical test to use in order to analyze different kinds
of data.
4.  Learn how to do the statistical test.
5.  Overcome fear and resistance to statistics.

Required Book List:
Gracetter and Wallnau.  (1985).  Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences.

Summary of Assignments:  Tests, class participation, research article
critique, final exam and extra credit.

Additional Information:  Students will need scientific calculator.