Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Senior Seminar in Sports Management (1cr)
R402 | 6472 | R Barcelona

Senior Seminar in Sports Management
1:00p-1:50p   R   HP010

Description:  An exploration, examination and culminating discussion, via
the electronic classroom approach, of contemporary problems, techniques and
issues relating specifically to those competencies required for a career in
the field of recreational sports management.

Course Objectives:
1.  To identify the importance of recreational sports in the total
recreational program
2.  To examine the required competencies of a professional in recreational
sports management
3.  To examine a professional career in recreational sports management
4.  To examine the future of recreational sports management

Required Book List:
Holton.  (1991).  The New Professional: Everything You Need to Know for a
Great First Year on the Job.
It is also strongly recommended that you refer to previous course textbooks
especially Recreational Sports Programming by Mull, Bayless, Ross and
Jamieson, and Management of Recreational Sports in Higher Education by
Boucher and Weese and other selected articles or readings in supporting your
comments in the reaction reports.

Summary of Assignments:  Attendance/participation, reaction reports,
reaction to others and portfolio/completion of 320 hours.