Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Shipwreck Parks as Underwater Museums (3cr)
R424 | 6269 | C Beeker

Shipwreck Parks as Underwater Museums
3:35p-5:00p   W   HP019

Additional lab time will be arranged with instructor.
Description:  Shipwrecks, defined as submerged cultural resources, will be
studied as museums underwater that warrant research and interpretation in
situ.  Emphasis will be given to the development of historic shipwreck
parks, specific to the research and educational programs of Indiana

Course Objectives:
Discuss shipwrecks that have been developed into underwater parks and
identify the criteria utilized to determine the significance of these
historic and non-historic resources.  Identify federal, state, and private
interest groups concerned with the preservation and interpretation of
underwater resources.  Bring the resource closer to the student through
discussions of accessible shipwreck sites, maritime museums, historical
societies, and other public maritime programs. Develop the skills necessary
to participate in the multi disciplinary scientific investigation of
submerged cultural resources.

Required Book List:
Course Packet:  "Shipwrecks as Underwater Museums" edited by Charles Beeker.
Additional materials on reserve in the HPER Library.

Summary of Assignments:  Class attendance, panel discussion,
participation/panel written report and the major research paper/oral