Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Tourism Systems Planning (3cr)
R450 | 6477 | R Brayley

Tourism Systems Planning
8:00a-9:15a   TR   WH005

Description:  Components of the tourism-park recreation development system
and the concepts of planning resource use at the larger-than-site scale.
Physical and program factors important to development for visitor use.

Course Objectives:
1.  To understand tourism as a tool for development
2.  To understand the elements that contribute to tourism development
3.  To apply tourism elements in cases by analysis and examining specific
cases and formulating a case
4.  To gain a international perspective through case analysis of a region
5.  To gain exposure to tourism planning models
6.  To investigate different facets of tourism development applied to a
variety of settings
7.  To effectively use tourism terminology
8.  To obtain a wider more critical and analytical view of tourism
development and learn how to use creativity in the process

Required Book List:
A set of readings is available at TIS Bookstores.

Summary of Assignments:  Adventure in tourism planning project,
participation and attendance, case studies and quizzes and analysis.