Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Philosophy of Leisure and Recreation (3cr)
R500 | 6286 | L Silverman

Philosophy of Leisure and Recreation
2:30p-5:00p   W   WH007

Description:  An exploration of the epistemological, ontological, and
aesthetic foundations of leisure and recreation.  An understanding of the
changing nature of society, culture, and personal lifestyles in relationship
to leisure is pursued through systematic discussion and analysis of leisure
from various perspectives including: philosophical, historical, cultural,
developmental, and spiritual.  At the completion of the course, students are
able to articulate a philosophy of leisure, and apply their understandings
to current trends and issues in terms of interpreting the role of leisure
and recreation in contemporary society.

Course Objectives:
1)  To develop knowledge and understanding of philosophy of leisure and
2)  To identify and analyze forces and factors in modern society that have
an influence on leisure and recreation
3)  To describe and analyze beliefs, attitudes, and values as they pertain
to leisure and recreation, both historically and in contemporary society
4)  To explore the personal and societal meaning of leisure and recreation
from the following perspectives: historical, philosophical, spiritual,
cultural, and developmental
5)  To develop a philosophy of leisure and recreation
6)  To explore relationships between a personal philosophy of leisure and
the philosophical underpinnings of the recreation, parks, and leisure
services profession

Required Book List:
Bender and Leone.  (1996).  American Beyond 2001-Opposing Viewpoints.
Cross.  (1990).  A Social History of Leisure Since 1600.
Goodale and Witt.  (1991).  Recreation and Leisure: Issues in an Era of
Change (Third Ed.).
Kelly and Godbey.  (1992).  The Sociology of Leisure.
Naisbitt.  (1994).  Global Paradox.
Macaulay.  (1979).  Motel of the Mysteries.
Redfield.  The Celestine Prophecy-An Adventure.
Along with Reserve Readings which will be located in the HPER Library.

Summary of Assignments:  Attendance and active participation on
collaborative learning team, philosophy of leisure and recreation essay,
philosophy of leisure and recreation time capsule.