Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Organizational Leadership of Leisure Services
R520 | 6289 | R Brayley

Organizational Leadership of Leisure Services
6:00p-8:30p   W   HP195

Description:  Organization and administration of recreation with emphasis on
managing, organizing, policy development, strategic planning and management,
administrative practices, leadership, and related topics.

Course Objectives:
1.)  To understand the dimensions of management in the service sector
2.)  To focus, explore and enhance basic and advanced knowledge on
leadership skills
3.)  To become aware of issues related to performance in the service
4.)  To investigate contemporary administrative theory and practice with
applications to the recreation and park organization

Required Book List:
Covey.  (1990). Principle-Centered Leadership.
Kouzes and Posner.  (1995).  The Leadership Challenge.
Block.  (1993).  Stewardship.

Summary of Assignments:  Examinations, reaction/thinking papers, management
issues paper, and class participation.