Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Visitor Behavior (3cr)
R523 | 6490 | L Silverman

Visitor Behavior
11:15a-12:30p   TR   HP012

Description:  This class examines the theory and findings of visitor and
tourism research as it is conducted in recreation and leisure settings such
as parks, outdoor areas, museums, historic sites, arts facilities, towns,
sporting facilities and resorts.  Topics include:  visitor motivations,
expectations, social interaction, and assessment.  Students will learn nine
techniques for gathering information from and about visitors.

Course Objectives:
Visitor Behavior takes an interdisciplinary approach, combining literature
and principles from parks and recreation, museum visitor studies, tourism,
psychology, sociology, communications, anthropology, and consumer studies.
By the end of the course, you will understand:
1)  basic theories and principles of visitor behavior
2)  basic techniques for gathering information from and about visitors
3)  why it is important for sites to access visitor attitudes, exceptions,
knowledge, and behaviors
4)  when, as a manager, administrator, or enlightened employee of a site, to
gather and utilize information about visitors
5)  how to use data about visitors and visitor benefits to inform planning
and management

Required Book List:
Course readings will be on reserve in the HPER Library.

Summary of Assignments:  In-class exercises, assignments and class