Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Seminar in Recreation - CORE (3cr)
R667 | 6419 | A Ewert

Seminar in Recreation - CORE
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Authorization to register for this course must be obtained in advance from
the Department Chairperson in HPER 133.

The CORE program requires a four week group residence experience at Bradford
Woods, as well as intensive involvement in several field trips or outings
extending over a week in length.

Description:  Current trends in outdoor adventure recreation programs
explored through discussion and hands-on experiential learning

Summary of Assignments:  Full participation in all components of the CORE
program, including field trip experiences and activities.

Additional Information:  This class must be taken concurrently with
corequisite courses associated with the CORE program (R515-Section 6216,
R515-Section 6217, R541).  Food, transportation and Bradford Woods lodging
fees are extra and required.