Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Interpretation of Data in Health, Phys Educa, and Recr (3 cr)
T591 | 6525 | Staff

High school mathematics
Familiarity with computers
Electronic mail account

Three 50 minute lectures per week

Understanding Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences, Pagano, 4th
Chapters 1-7, 10, 13-16, 19, 20

4 exams (3 during semester plus final).
Daily written homework assignments.
Computer assignments using SPSS for Windows.
Exams will consist of objective questions and problems to be solved by hand
well as take-home problems to be solved on the computer using SPSS.

COURSE GRADING: Exams and assignments are weighted as follows:
Exam I       15%
Exam II      20%
Exam III     20%
Final        20%
Homework     25%

T591 is an elementary introduction to the statistics essential to
understanding research and data analysis in health, physical education, and
recreation.  Students who are not familiar with high school level algebra
should consider taking a mathematics review course before attempting T591.
Topics to be covered in T591 include:

Measurement scales                      Standard Scores
Frequency distributions                 Linear regression
Percentile point                             Correlation
Percentile rank                              Hypothesis testing
Measures of central tendency         Z-test
Measures of variability                   t - test
Normal curve                                One way analysis
Normal distribution of variance

Special emphasis will be placed on data analysis and interpretation using
for Windows, including graphical techniques for presentation of data.