Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Finance and Budgeting (3cr)
T594 | 6328 | R Brayley

Finance and Budgeting
9:05a-9:55a   MWF   WH002

Description:  An exploration of sources of revenue and budgetary procedures
for public leisure service agencies.  Fund management, financial analysis,
purchasing, contractual agreements, and other fiscal concerns.

Course Objectives:
1)  To prepare students for the professional demands of financial
2)  To develop skills in budget preparation, presentation, control and
3)  To gain practical experience in preparing and adjusting business plans
4)  To develop awareness of the requirements of revenue generation
5)  To develop computer skills needed for the design and use of spreadsheets
in budget management

Required Book List:
Works.  (1992).  Business Plan Master.
Shareware documents available on disk from Dr. Brayley.  Students are to
take personal responsibility for licensing.
Summary of Assignments:  Mid-term test, study exercises/quizzes, term
assignment, and final exam.