Journalism | Media & Society Seminar
J510 | 6594 | Rojecki

This course, as its title declares, is about Rmedia and society.S  That
phrase might be taken two ways.  It could mean the media as institutions
in a larger social context; or it could mean the society, the social
structure, within the mass media organizations themselves.  Both meanings
will guide this edition of J510.  In fact, this distinction will divide
the course into two parts.  The first part of the course will examine the
place of mass communication organizations (especially news media) in the
rapidly changing contexts of business, technology and American civil
society.  The second part of the course will explore the internal
structures and procedures of media organizations (especially news media)
and the effects of those structures and procedures upon performance.  J510
is mainly a RreadingsS colloquium.  The work will involve considerable
reading in media studies, political theory, and current political and
business journalism.  Three short papers will also be required.
Credit hours: 3
Meeting times: 2:45-4:15 p.m., MW, EP 104