Journalism | History and Philosophy of the Media
J650 | 6605 | Nord

This is a colloquium on the social history of American print media, with
the emphasis on journalism.  The main theme is the role of public
communication in the community life of America, from 1630 to about 1920.
The course deals with a variety of community types - Puritan towns,
revolutionary coalitions, voluntary associations, frontier villages,
industrial cities, consumer communities, and even Rthe nationS as a whole.
And the course explores a variety of communications media - sermons,
tracts, lectures, magazines, railroad trains, and, perhaps most important,
newspapers.  In general, the aim is to locate mediated communication,
especially journalism, in the political, social, and cultural life of the
American people.  J650 is a readings course, with much of the reading
coming from recent American social and intellectual history as well as
from the history of journalism and mass media.  The main assignment will
be a series of critical review papers.
Credit hours: 3
Meeting times: 9:30-11:00 a.m., TR, EP 104