Labor Studies | American Labor History
L101 | 5092 | Ashby

Three credit hours; 5:45-8:25 PM Tuesday; Ballantine Hall 016.  This course
meets with HIST A100.  This course examines the struggles of American working
people from colonial times to the present to achieve dignity, fair wages, and
the right to organize into unions.  We will examine both the history of
working people in America generally, and the history of organized labor;
review major labor upheavals and strikes in U.S. history; analyze the rise of
industrial unions in the 1930s; and conclude with a discussion of recent
strikes and changes in the AFL-CIO in the 1980s and '90s.  The course will
involve extensive classroom discussion,  videos, and debates.  Assigned
readings include:  Strike! by Jeremy Brecher; A People's History of the U.S.,
by Howard Zinn; and a working class novel.