Mathematics | Exploring Mathematical Ideas
M330 | ALL | --

Prerequisites: M119 or M211. For students who have not taken M211,
M118 is also recommended.

An elementary introduction to a variety of fascinating topics, including
number theory and cryptography, groups and symmetry, knot theory,
probability and games of chance, voting schemes, and fractals and chaos.

The course will take an experimental approach, whenever possible (actual
ropes for studying knot theory, computer simulations for the study of
fractals, etc.). The evaluation of students will be based on class
participation, three essays, and a project. The project should consist of
actually building a physical model or producing a computer simulation
related to the topic of the third essay. The project may be done jointly
with some other students in the class, depending on the complexity of the

M330 may count toward a math minor, subject to the approval of the Director
of Undergraduate Studies.  M330 does not count toward a math major.

Optional: Intensive writing credit is available. For students choosing this
option, assignments will be adjusted to meet the intensive writing
requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences.