Mathematics | Mathematical Models and Applications II
M448 | 3085 | Brothers

M448 is an applied mathematics course in the math BA program.  It carries
graduate credit for all students except those in the Mathematics MA and PhD
programs.  M448 can replace M447 in fulfilling the requirements for
secondary education.

Prerequisites are courses in probability such as M365 and linear algebra
such as M301 or M303.  M447 Mathematical Models and Applications I is NOT a
prerequisite.  The only topic from M447 used in M448 is Linear Programming,
an introduction to which can be obtained from the M118 Finite Math textbook.
Also desirable is familiarity with the computer algebra program Maple.  An
introductory tutorial for Maple can be found on the IU Homepage at

The principal topics to be covered are linear game theory and models for
growth processes.  Beginning with simple models for population growth,
exponential decay, and compound interest, we will proceed to more
complicated growth models, including models for epidemics and growth of
competing species.  We go on to stochastic growth models and models for
queues, and finish with an introduction to simulation.

Grades will be based on midterm and final exams, homework, and two group
projects.  The exams are open book, with unlimited time.  One group project
will be entry in the national Mathematical Contest in Modeling in February.
Groups from IU have done quite well in the past, winning Honorable Mention
last year.  The second group project will be a term research project.

For more information please contact Professor Brothers in the Mathematics
Department.   Telephone 5-6847, email .