Near Eastern Languages & Cultures | Khomeini: Roots of Revolution
N650 | 3148 | Walbridge

Course Meets: 2:30 - 3:45     MW     WH 104

Khomeini was the key figure in the Islamic Revolution, the most important event in recent Iranian
history.  The implications of this revolution are still being felt throughout the Islamic world.  This course
will study the Islamic Revolution and its background using the Imam Khomeini as an organizing figure.
The course will also cover various aspects of the background of the Iranian Revolution, Shiism as a
political force, the impact of the West on Iran, secularization, the Shiite clergy as a class, and the
conflict between Iranian and Islamic identity.  The course will also deal with developments since the
Revolution, including the hostage crisis, the Islamization of Iranian society, the Iran-Iraq war, the Gulf
War, and the export of Islamic revolution.  Readings will be in English