Near Eastern Languages & Cultures | Seminar in Turkish Literature: Ottoman Verse and Prose
N800 | 3152 | Silay

Course Meets: 2:30 - 5:00   F  GB 333

The goals of this seminar are 1) to provide graduate students of NELC majoring in Turkish literature with
some of the most fundamental sources of Ottoman literary studies, 2) to introduce historical and
contemporary scholarship on Ottoman upper-class literature, 3) to learn the major verse and prose forms
of Ottoman literature in detail, 4) to study the rhetorical structure of Ottoman poetry, such as fasih, belig,
cilm-i ma'na, cilm-i beyan, and  cilm-i bedi', 5) to read the assigned passages in Ottoman, focusing on the
philological methods for Turkish Studies.  Some knowledge of Arabic, Persian, and French is desirable.

Prerequisite: Four semesters of Modern Turkish, or the equivalent thereof.