Philosophy | Introduction to Philosophy
P100 | 3207 | DePierris

In this course we will explore at an introductory level a variety of
philosophical questions ranging from traditional abstract problems and
arguments in the theory of knowledge, metaphysics, and the philosophy of
mind, to more concrete problems of human life such as right or wrong
actions, free will, and the meaning of life.  The questions we will ask
have been discussed for thousands of years and are still discussed by
philosophers.  For example: What is knowledge?  Do we know anything? What
does really exist?  What is the relationship between mind and body?  Are
there reasons to believe in God?  What is virtue?  We will discuss the
answers given to these questions by some great philosophers of the past as
well as some contemporary approaches to them.

The written work for the course will consist of two exams, one-page weekly
summaries, and occasional quizzes.  Attendance and participation in class
discussion will influence the final grade.