Philosophy | Selected Topics in the History of Ethics
P541 | 3251 | Eisenber

Topic: Ethics in the 19th Century

This is in fact a new course, although it has an old number.  I intend
it to complement P541 as I usually offer it (namely, as a selective survey
of classics of normative ethics from Plato to Mill).  This time the course
will focus on one major tradition within nineteenth-century ethical theory,
namely, the Germanic tradition.  For proper consideration of post-Kantian
ethical theorists, however, it is necessary for one to have some (detailed)
sense of Kant's ethics; accordingly, I shall start there.  (Primarily for
students already familiar with Kant's main works in ethics--for example,
students who took P541 with me last year--I shall hold a few special
sessions for discussion of his "The Metaphysic of Morals.")  The further
readings will include selections from Hegel's "Philosophy of Right,"
Bradley's "Ethical Studies," various writings by Marx, and various works by

There will be both a mid-semester paper (approximately five
pages) and exam, and a final paper (approximately fifteen pages) and exam.

Students who wish to take this course but who have previously taken
P541 should get authorization from Prof. Eisenberg (
to take the course as a P590.