Political Science | American Political Controversies
Y100 | ALL | Barbour

	First 10 weeks only.
	Politics is everywhere.  This course brings to life the vital
political issues of our times.  Relying on speakers, films, newscasts,
lectures and discussion, we explore some of the most controversial issues
that we, as citizens, are required to understand and decide on.  What is at
stake in the 1996 presidential election, results in the resolution of
welfare reform, health care, school prayer and crime control, for instance?
Who will win and who will lose when we choose the various solutions offered
to us by politician or when we choose those politicians themselves.  How do
we interpret the constant barrage of information from the media about these
issues?  How do we know whom to believe?  This course provides a guide to
appreciating and understanding American political controversy.
	Required readings for the course include approximately 40 pages per
week, plus NEWSWEEK magazine.  Grading is based on class attendance, short
weekly quizzes, and a group project/paper on a major issue.  No advanced
knowledge of politics is necessary, only a healthy curiosity about the
impact of important political issues in our lives.
	This course may be repeated once for credit for different topics;
however, political science majors may count this course only once in the
major.  This course is especially suitable for non-majors.