Political Science | Intro to Political Theory
Y105 | 3400 | Chabot

What is Politics?  What do individuals owe to the state?  What does society
owe to the individual?  What would a just state look like, and what would we
have to do to attain it?  These are among the questions that have
preoccupied political theorists for centuries.  This introductory course is
designed to acquaint you with some of the answers political theorists have
Readings will include: Plato's Republic, Machiavelli's The Prince, Locke's
Second Treatise of Government, and Rousseau's The Social Contract.
	This is not, however, just a course in the history of political
theory.  In addition to the above books, you will read a number of
selections by recent authors whose ideas illuminate, and are illuminated by
the classics.  These include essays by contemporary conservatives, liberals,
feminists, and Margaret Atwood's the Handmaid's Tale.  Reading assignments
will average 100 pages per week.  Grades will be assigned on the basis of
two short, 4 to 6 page, papers and two exams, a midterm and a comprehensive
final.  Since discussion is an important part of this course, and likely
part of your grade, you should plan to attend class regularly.