Political Science | Elements of Political Analysis
Y205 | 3407 | Hettinger

This class combines an introduction to statistics with the analysis of
interesting questions about politics.  Elections, public opinion, Congress,
and the relationships among the states or various nations are topics for
exploration in this class.
We will begin by addressing the most basic concern among students taking
statistics classes-anxiety about symbols, notation, and equation solving.
>From there we will work through basic statistical concepts and learn to
apply and interpret statistical tests.  You will be asked to apply these
skills to a variety of political questions.
In the process, you will learn skills that will be useful in other classes
and in many workplace settings.  Even if you never calculate another mean in
your life, you will learn critical thinking skills--including how to
identify a problem, shape that problem into a research question, develop a
plan to answer that question, and take steps toward answering that question.
You will also learn how to use a statistical computer package and how to
create a spreadsheet.  Students seeking employment directly after college,
especially those interested in political or public sector jobs, will find
that employers are very interested in their statistical skills and their
problem solving skills.
Grades for the course will be based on the following components:
*	Attendance
*	Assignments
*	Quizzes
*	Final paper