Political Science | Political Psychology and Socialization
Y315 | 3413 | Carmines

	The political/constitutional crisis that engulfed the Clinton
presidency reminds us once again how crucial psychological factors can be in
shaping political behavior. The interplay between psychology and politics
will be the focus of this course. We will examine how a person's
psychological development and makeup can influence their political choices
and actions. We will pay particular attention to studies that have explored
the psychological underpinnings of political leadership. Focusing on variety
of political leaders including Gandhi as well as several U.S. Presidents
(including Clinton), these studies attempt to account for a leader's
successes and failures by linking them to their underlying personalities. We
will take a close look at these compelling though controversial
psychobiographes as well as attempts to show how psychological forces
influence more ordinary political behavior.
	Students will be expected to write a paper and make an oral
presentation in class plus take a midterm and final examination