Political Science | Model European Union
Y351 | 3422 | Sillay

	Department of Political Science | Y351 | 3422 Model European Union
West European Studies | W405 | 4236 Political Simulations
West European Studies | W605 | 4251 Political Simulations
The primary objective of this course is to familiarize you with the
institutions of the European Union (EU) and the decision-making process as
it occurs within these institutions.  The course is structured to prepare
you to participate in the "Midwest Model European Union" which takes place
in Indianapolis on the IUPUI campus in mid-April.  Participation in the
simulation is required for the course.  However, due to the emphasis on the
simulation, no final examination or final paper will be required.
Political simulations in general offer one of the best and most meaningful
ways to understand the political, economic and institutional pressures that
politicians face.  In this course, you will use the knowledge you acquire
about the EU, to take on the roles of high-ranking, EU officials in the
"Midwest Model European Union."  You will not only learn about the
institutions, history and policy process of the EU, you will also be able to
put this knowledge to a practical test and learn by doing.  The goal of this
course is to bring the abstract institutions of the EU down to earth and to
help develop an understanding of the real-life constraints that politicians
face in making policy decisions.
This three credit course is cross-listed in both the Department of Political
Science and the Department of West European Studies.  While it is offered
under three different numbers for administrative purposes, all sections of
the course meet jointly.
If you have any questions about this course, don't hesitate to contact me.
My email is:  ssillay@indiana.edu.