Political Science | International Security in the 21st Century
Y401 | 8695 | Albright

	The final years of the 20th century have witnessed major changes in
the conception of and the approach to international security.  This course
explores these changes and how long they are likely to persist.  After an
initial look at the elements of the traditional conception and approach, it
will cover such topics as modifications in military-strategic factors, new
economic threats, the impact of terrorism and transnational criminal groups,
environmental problems, resource scarcities, the vulnerability of complex
information systems, migration flows, the growing regionalization of
security concerns, the shifting character of the relationship between
economics and security and between technology and security, and the
increasing importance and diversification of cooperative efforts to deal
with international security issues.
	Requirements for the course include a written mid-term exam, a small
group project that entails an oral presentation in class, an analytical
paper, and a simulation exercise.