Political Science | Japan in Comparative Politics (3 cr)
Y657 | 3446 | Kasza

Meets with EALC E505
The field of Japanese politics has suffered from insularity in both Japanese
and American scholarship.  In this course, each student will do a research
paper comparing some aspect of Japanese politics to the politics of another
country or countries.  There will be great flexibility in the choice of
topics.  Some possibilities would be the party system, voting patterns,
corruption, political development, an interest group (business, labor,
students, farmers), women in politics, or a field of public policy (welfare,
environment, education, industry, technology).  The only limitation will be
the availability of research materials in a language accessible to the
student.  We will read jointly for 5-6 weeks, then each student will present
his/her research findings to the class.  The course is not aimed only at
Japan specialists.  It also offers students with expertise on other
countries an opportunity to incorporate Japan into their comparative
research.  We will review the hazards of doing cross-national comparisons
and strategies to overcome them throughout the course.