Political Science | Political & Administrative Development (3 cr)
Y663 | 3449 | Firmin-Sellers

This course surveys the dominant theories in the comparative politics
subfield of development.  We will begin with the "classic" explanations of
political and economic development: modernization, political culture, and
imperialism.  We will then assess scholars' attempts to critique and/or
build upon these theoretical foundations.  In so doing, we will concentrate
on the "radical" turn in development theory (dependency and Marxist
analyses); innovations in the theory of the state, the importance of gender
in development, and the growing influence of rational choice political
economy.  The goal of the survey is to identify the most important
theoretical and empirical problems in the subfield.  To this end, we will
draw upon examples from a variety of regions and historical periods.
Student grades will be based on class participation, performance on weekly
assignments, and a 10-15 page research proposal.