Political Science | International Political Economy (3 cr)
Y669 | 3452 | Hart

This is a graduate seminar on international political economy. International
political economy deals with the relationships between the international
political and economic systems.  The seminar will consider, among other
things, the evolution and structure of the international monetary, trade,
and investment systems, the politics of international competitiveness, the
politics of multinational corporations and foreign direct investment, and
the debate on globalization of the world economy.
The seminar will be divided into two halves.  The first half involves
discussion of a
common core of readings.  The second half is organized around presentations
by seminar participants on journal articles and books on topics of special
interest.  A longer list of optional readings will be available during the
first weeks of the seminar which may be used to help define these
presentations (see also bibliography at
Each presenter will be responsible for providing one xerox copy of important
articles for class room discussion at least two weeks before his/her
Grades will be based on a midterm examination (25%), the seminar
presentation (25%), and a term paper based on the seminar presentation