Religious Studies | Introduction to Christianity
R180 | 3582 | Dixie

R180 Introduction to Christianity (3 Cr.) TR 2:30-3:20 FA 015 (Dixie)

Over the last two millennia Christianity has developed into a global
religion that has played a significant role in the social, political and
economic mapping of the world. This course tracks the evolution of
Christianity, beginning with messianic Jewish traditions before the life
of Jesus and concluding with contemporary trends in American Christianity.
In addition to considering both the positive and negative social impact of
global Christianity, we shall take a serious look at Christian theological
currents as they have spanned the centuries. Given its current importance,
special attention will be given to millennial movements throughout
Christian history. We will also examine the influence of secular social
movements (ie., abolitionism, feminism, anti-colonialism, etc.) upon
Christian thought and practice.