Religious Studies | Women and Religion
R360 | 3595 | Weaver

R360 Women and Religion (3 Cr.) MW 1:00-2:15 BH 245 (Weaver)

Women and Religion looks at the ways in which the texts and traditions of
Judaism and Christianity bar women from full participation in religious
life.  Does God have a particular system of gender options in mind?  Is
God an inexorably "male" image?  Is there a place for feminism in church
and synagogue?  Or, do feminists have to reject  religion in search of an
alternative way of being religious?  Is the Bible the "last word" on the
subject?  Is there a way to "expand the canon" of texts that govern
Judaism and Christianity?

We will look at the intersection of religion and the women's movement by
examining the history of feminist discourse within American Judaism and
Christianity.  Mid-term and final exams.  Term paper (8-10 pages).  Class
will be a mixture of lecture and discussion.