Religious Studies | Faith, Revelation, and Reason
R380 | 3600 | Hart

R380 Faith, Revelation, and Reason (3 Cr.) TR 1:00-2:15 SY 004 (Hart)
* COAS Intensive Writing section requires registration in W333

In this course we will study the "philosophies of will" of Schopenhauer,
Nietzsche, and Blondel.  In the first thinker we have a famous and
influential Western Kantian version of Buddhism; in the second a
philosophy that originally was a reworking and revision of Schopenhauer
but which in its final form has resulted in the author being canonized as
the patron saint of post-modernism; in the third thinker we have perhaps
the most important philosopher for twentieth century Roman Catholicism who
himself was very much influenced by Kant and post-Kantian philosophy and
who was a forerunner (in 1893) of religious existentialism. Although
"will" and the sense of human agency are central themes in the course, we
will have the inevitable task of also thinking about the
meaning/sense/purpose of life, bliss, self-renunciation, virtue,
community, faith, revelation, and, of course, "God."  Graduate piggyback:
R581.  Readings: A. Schopenhauer,  The World as Will and Representation;
F. Nietzsche, Selections, especially from Thus Spake Zarathustra,
Genealogy of Morals, Will to Power; M. Blondel, Action (1893)