Religious Studies | Topics in Religious Philsophy: Husserl's Phenomenology
R462 | 3603 | Hart

R462 Topics in Religious Philosophy: Husserl's Phenomenology (3 Cr.) TR
9:30-10:45 BH 208 (Hart)

This is an introduction to Edmund Husserl's transcendental phenomenology.
We will read writings of Husserl as well as some secondary literature,
especially Sokolowski's Introduction to Phenomenology, if it is available
(from Cambridge) by then.  Along the way we will mention and occasionally
discuss the differences with other phenomenological philosophers as well
as the relevance of transcendental phenomenology for religious studies and
philosophy of religion.

Some of the topics to be covered are psychologism and forms of
reductionism; the transcendental and eidetic reductions; the exemplary
place of the analysis of "the thing"; the problem of hyle; intentionality
and self-consciousness; intentionality and constitution; the noema;  the
notions of horizon and world; idealism and realism;  empty and filled
intentions; truth as a filled intention of what was meant in its absence
as it was meant in its absence; the ubiquitous interplay of presence and
absence; the body;  time-consciousness; senses of "I";  the transcendental
I and the monadic community; the knowledge of other I's.  Students will be
asked to write precis of selected topics for the mid-term and final