Religious Studies | Talmud
R541 | 3606 | Satlow

R541 Talmud (3 Cr.) T 4:00-6:00 BH 335 (Satlow)

No document, not even the Hebrew Bible,
is as important to rabbinic Judaism as is the Babylonian Talmud.  From
the time of its redaction around 500 CE, it has served as the source and
authority for Jewish law and thought.  Many Jews today see it not only as
a historical document, an ancient repository of rabbinic law and legend,
but as a living document that continues to reveal God's will.  In this
course we will examine several different ways in which both scholars and
members of a faith community approach the Babylonian Talmud.  The course
has three thrusts: in-depth and sustained reading of a single talmudic
argument; a survey of texts and ideas found throughout the Talmud; and an
introduction to the academic study of the Talmud and its place in Judaism